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A handcut tasting of cultural delicacies from Lexington, the region, and beyond.


Ashley Hunt: Degrees of Visibility. Bolivar Gallery, School of Arts and Visual Studies, University of Kentucky. Thru October 27th.

Artist and activist, Ashley Hunt, looks at the intrusion of this country’s mass incarceration industry into the fabric of the American landscape. Photographic images from across the country document the sometimes shocking but often banal way these correctional facilities are woven into the texture of communities and neighborhoods. Hunt provokes a deep conversation about this ever-growing feature of 21st century America.


The Fabric of India. Cincinnati Art Museum. Thru January 6th, 2019.

Organized by the famed Victoria and Albert Museum in London, this exhibition displays the incredibly rich and varied handmade textiles of India from different eras dating back hundreds of years. The uses of fabrics in both sacred and secular pursuits are amply documented in this sumptuous show. The preservation of textile craft and industry in India has been a major cultural focus for that country.


AN UNCOMMON VISION: Equines, Archetypes and Allegories. New Editions Gallery, Lexington. Thru November 3rd.

A very different kind of equine art show, the often-fantastical work of Cuban artist, Carlos Gamez de Francisco, is featured in this show at Lexington’s New Editions Gallery. However allegorical his work may be, the painter is often making commentary on social issues relevant to today’s world.