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A tasting of handcut cultural delicacies from Lexington and the region.

Back from vacation and plenty to see in the region!


Tightly Bound. M.S. Rezny Studio Gallery, Lexington.

An exhibition of seven fiber artist’s interpretations of the title opens on June 5th at the gallery. Inventive uses of materials offer the artists opportunities to riff off of the idea of binding fibers in surprising and illuminating ways. Thru July 21st.


Breaking The Mold: Investigating Gender At The Speed Art Museum. Speed Museum, Louisville.

This exhibition at the Speed explores issues of gender, power, race through artworks in the museum’s permanent collection and also some works on loan, including pieces from the Faulkner Morgan Archive in Lexington. Thru September 9th.

Kehinde Wiley, St. Louis IX King of France, 2016


Terracotta Army: Legacy Of The First Emperor Of China. Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati.

Those famous terracotta warriors and related objects come to Cincinnati for this blockbuster exhibition. Objects dating from the eighth to the third centuries BCE trace Chinese history and culture in the Pre-Qin and Qin dynasty eras. Make sure to buy tickets ahead of time for this show. Thru August 12th.

Standing Archer, Qin Dynasty

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