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A tasting of handcut cultural delicacies from Lexington and the region.

How about a trip to Louisville?


Project 20: Failure in Progress, Zephyr Gallery, Louisville

Five artists explore failure in production and reception of their work. Another in this contemporary gallery’s thematic group exhibitions. November 3-December 30.


Bruce Conner: Forever and Ever, Speed Museum, Louisville 

A major exhibition of the work of Bruce Connor, best known for his experimental work in film. Work included in this exhibition include not only film, but also painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, and photography, showing Connor’s endeavors across many mediums. Open November 11, thru March 2, 2018.


Object(s) of Desire, 21c Museum Hotel, Louisville

After a big art day in Louisville, how about a stay at 21c, where the current group exhibition of photographs explores that eternally fascinating and confounding human emotion, desire. Thru November 11.