That special tree

Welcome to UnderMain’s invitational Essay Series. We pick a topic (send us your ideas) and invite anyone with whom the subject strikes a chord, nerve, fancy or memory to write about it.

We can illustrate with stock photos (see Tom Martin’s There was this tree… and Sharron Williams Smith’s In the Walnut Grove), or with your photos or drawings (check out Christine Huskisson’s Twelve Trees.)

We’ll publish your essay on UnderMain so you can share it – maybe with long lost childhood friends who also recall that special tree and have stories of their own to contribute.

Ready to play?

Our current topic: that special tree in your childhood.

Many of us have had a very special relationship with a rooted, leafy creature that provided a world of wonder; a place to play, to hang out with friends, to listen to the wind, to see distant things, to enjoy its fruits, to climb, swing from and rest on. Then life comes along and before we know it, our old friend has faded from memory. But once reminded, almost like riding a bike, it all comes back.

If a special tree figured into your early years, we hope you will tell us about it. And if you like, illustrate your story with drawings or photos.

So go find a tree to sit under and ponder. Send your essay to